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10 Must Have WordPress Plugin for Your Blog



WordPress plugin are written in PHP programming language. Plugins are software that can be uploaded to extend the functionality of your WordPress blog.

10 Must Have WordPress Plugin for Your Blog

10 Must Have WordPress Plugin for Your Blog

What are Plugins?

A plugin is piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. The WordPress plugin are written in PHP programming language. Plugins are software that can be uploaded to extend the functionality of your WordPress blog. It adds specific feature to your WordPress blog.

Plugins can allow a web browser to display additional content that was not meant to be originally displayed by the browser. Some plugins are free while some are premium version that you have to pay for if you would get one.

Let’s get started

Plugins can be installed on your WordPress blog to carry out the operation it is meant to perform. After successful installation, WordPress plugin are activated.

Sometimes beginners get confused when trying to select the best WordPress plugin amongst the numerous ones available. In this article, I have hand-picked some of the WordPress Plugin you can add to your website. Here is some useful WordPress plugin you must have on your WordPress blog.

1. Akismet

This is a WordPress Plugin saves you from serious headaches from spam messages/comments from you readers or visitors to your blog. Akismet helps to delete all junk comments. Akismet anti-spam is a WordPress Plugin that checks if there are spam messages on your blog. Some visitors leave comments that are not encouraging and sometimes your blog is flooded with links through the comments section made available for them to express hoe they feel about your posts. Spam check is carried out by this WordPress Plugin. After that, the comments will be moved to the spam folder for easy recognition.

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2. Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast is another amazing WordPress Plugin you need to have on your blog. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big deal and it needs to be taken care of. When you write a content that is optimized for Google search, the Yoast WordPress Plugin helps to analyze your written content.

It helps you to improve them by checking the keywords and readability of the content. Yoast can take care of the sitemap submission and page content analysis too.

3. WooCommerce

This is an e-commerce plugin. WooCommerce is one of the WordPress Plugin for e-commerce. It may take difficult aspect to create and run an e-commerce online store with WordPress but it worth it so far sales are going to made. The plugin may take some time to learn and use effectively.

4. Jetpack

Jetpack is a lovely WordPress Plugin. It is designed to solve numerous operations. Tasks like SEO, easy social sharing, spam checking, backups, the traffic information display, caching and so many other features can be handled by jetpack. It is owned by WordPress itself. You will need account to use and connect the blog plugin to your blog. Jetpack plugin is considered as a utility plugin since it can be used to perform so many tasks. Use jetpack with the google analytics to get more accurate frequency of your blog visitors.

5. Google Analytics Dashboard

This WordPress Plugin shows the frequency of the visitors to your blog. It shows the time they spend on the website, the average number of page views, number of organic searches on your blog. This plugin helps to monitor the traffic to your blog. It also shows the number of real-time visitors, visitors in the past days or years.

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There is no need to visit the google Analytics page again if this plugin is installed successfully on your blog.

6. Social Warfare

Social warfare is a plugin that is designed to display your social sharing icons on your blog pages. When you write good content on your blog, readers are enthusiastic to read more. This would encourage them to share with friends on social media to enjoy the benefits too.

This WordPress Plugin offers “auto-share” feature. Activate this feature and share your post automatically to social media platforms through your account. This is a great idea to promote your blog and increase the traffic to your blog.

7. Contact Form

This is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to build your email list. Building the email list gives you opportunity to make contact with your readers/visitors. You can easily get across to them if you have new posts. This will in turn increase your blog’s traffic automatically as they visit the blog. Having a good reputation of writing good content can convince them to visit your blog.

8. Google XML Sitemaps

Optimize your blog posts for SEO. If you have done so and you are still not ranking as expected, then you need a sitemap. Google XML plugin is one of the top WordPress Plugin for giving your site good rankings

By creating an XML sitemap, your blog is much easier for google to crawl and read. This will in turn help your blog to rank well.

9. WP Super Cache

Caching a WordPress blog is a good thing to consider. Online users are interested in a fast and reliable website. To help your blog to load in lesser time adopt the WP super cache. Super cache WordPress Plugin is easy to use and set up. Just install, activate and check a few boxes to configure the plugins and you are good to go.

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10. Ads Integration

Ads integration plugin helps you to place the ads conveniently on your blog to make money blogging. Before you do this, you must have applied for some advertisement program and get the necessary approval on it.

These are the 10 Must Have WordPress Plugin for Your Blog as rated by Don’t forget to share this articles with friends.

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