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15 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks in 2018



WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps which has some newest features. Here are some of its best tips and tricks in 2018.

best Whatsapp tips and tricks 2018

15 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks in 2018

Billions of people all over the world uses WhatsApp and billions of messages circulates on WhatsApp all around the world daily every seconds and minutes of time.

WhatsApp is a simple app which allows instant messaging. There are some interesting and eye catching features which you should know about. Some of them are listed below.

1. Chats Back Up

This feature helps when you switch phone and you want your chat just as you left them on the formal phone you were using before. WhatsApp messages can be backed up to the iCloud (iOS) and goggle Drive (Android). Back up message options are of different types on WhatsApp. It could be daily, weekly or monthly. Also, photos and videos can be backed up too. It can be backed up to google photos or even Facebook.

This feature can be found under Settings > Chats > Chats Back Up > Auto Back Up. After the chats and media has been successfully backed up, it can be restored again after WhatsApp has been reinstalled. This is highly recommended especially when you get a new device that uses WhatsApp.

2. Storage Space Clear Up.

Storage space being used for individual and group chats can be seen on WhatsApp. Go to settings > Data and storage usage. If storage space is running low, you are advised to make a successful back up of photos and videos to Google Photos, Amazon Photos, or iCloud, before clearing it up on WhatsApp.

3. Check Who Has Read Your Messages

Certainly you can know the people who has read your messages already. May be you have sent messages to your contacts or to a particular group, you are entitled to know who has read the messages you sent and see the time at which they read it also. On Android, tap and hold on the sent message and tap info icon or you may have to tap the menu button the select info. And on iOS, put your finger on the message swipe right or left or even push down on the message and tap on info.

4. Edit Photos And Videos Before Sending Them

Before sending any photo or video of your choice on WhatsApp, you can make some editing. Some of the editing features includes cropping, addition of stickers, writing text, drawing with a doddle tool. Locate the edit icons at the top of the right of the photo or video that have been selected from your camera roll before you send it to groups or individual contacts.

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5. Favorite Specific Messages

Messages can be added as favorites on WhatsApp. Push down on a message and tap on the star icon. Once a certain message has been selected as favorite in a group or individual chat, you will be able to find it again by going to the Group Info by tapping on the name of the chat at the top and then going to Starred Messages. This feature is highly recommended when important information such as address, phone number, account details or a to-do list is received as messages.

6. Get Rid Of The “Read” Blue Checkmarks

When messages are sent out on WhatsApp, you may notice that it has checkmarks next to it, one grey check mark shows that the message was sent. Two grey check marks show that the sent message was received while the two blue check marks will show that the receiver has read the message.

If you do not want people to see that you have read their messages, then you can disable this feature by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts. Turn off Read Receipts.  But this may prevent you from being able to see read receipts from other users.

Alternatively, turn on airplane mode on your device, then you can read the message without being detected. Then make sure you fully close the WhatsApp app and turn off the airplane mode again. This will prevent the blue checkmarks from appearing on the sender’s device.

7. Mark As Unread

This feature is useful when you are very busy and you acknowledged an important message. To reply to the message later, mark it as unread to remind you to reply to the message received. Long press on the chat conversation and Mark the chat as Unread. On iOS, you can also mark a chat as Unread by swiping from left to right on the conversation and tapping on the Unread icon.

8. Muting Conversation

To prevent bulky messages from a certain group chats to appear temporarily, muting option is the way out. To mute conversations, tap the Name Of The Group or even Individual Chat at the top to open the Group Info (for group chat) or Contact Info (for individual chat). Then tap mute and select any of the options available (eight hours, one week, or one year).

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9. Prevent Media From Saving To Your Camera Roll

WhatsApp will save media that you receive to your camera roll. That is the default setting for WhatsApp. This can clutter up your camera roll and photo storage service that you use. To change the settings if not preferred, on iOS, go to Settings > Chats >  Turn off save to camera roll. On Android, go to Settings > Chat settings >  Media auto download.

10. Remove The “Last Seen” Time

Majority of WhatsApp users would love thus amazing feature. Some people don’t like being spied upon. Knowing or seeing people’s last seen is like you are spying on them. If someone opens your profile, they will surely when last you were online. To turn off this feature of “Last Seen”, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen. Then turn off. Disabling this feature will prevent you from seeing when other users were Last Seen.

11. Send Messages Hands-Free

Tools like Google Assistant on Android and Siri on iOS can be used to send messages on WhatsApp without having typed anything at all. Activate these digital assistants on your mobile device. You can say “send a message on WhatsApp “, then Siri or Google Assistant will ask you who you want to send the message to.

You can also have your digital assistant read your last message out loud. This can be done by saying “Hey Siri” or “OK Google” followed by the command “read my last WhatsApp message”.

12. Share “Status” On WhatsApp For 24 Hours

WhatsApp status is a feature that allows users to share photos, videos and text status messages Just like Snapchat, Facebook and other social media apps, WhatsApp too can create a story called “status”. This status last for 24 hours period on your time line and then disappears. To create a WhatsApp status, tap on the status button and then tap “Add to my status” (iOS users) or “My Status” (Android users). WhatsApp users can now see your status. The privacy of the status can be controlled. Go to Settings >  Privacy > Status. It can be deleted by tapping on the eye icon (which shows the names of the people that looked at your status contents and then you can tap the “trash can” icon to delete the selected status successfully.

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13. Two Step Verification

This feature provides the extra layer of security to WhatsApp. You will need to create a 6-digit PIN number when registering your phone number with WhatsApp again. Choose the 6-digit PIN carefully and memorize it or write it down to somewhere else, may be inside your diary because you could get locked out of your account if you lose it. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Account > Two Step Verification > Enable

14. WhatsApp For Web And Desktop

As a user, if you prefer to use WhatsApp on your computer then you can do so by downloading WhatsApp for desktop on Windows and Mac. After a successful download of the WhatsApp, you will be asked to scan a QR code from your mobile device in order to verify your identity. Scan the code and proceed with further steps/procedures.

Additionally, WhatsApp is not available for tablets such as the iPad. You can visit web whatsapp on your browser to use WhatsApp on your tablets. Then follow strictly the aforementioned steps above.

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15. Turn Off Previews

When messages are received on WhatsApp, you notice that the notification of the messages shows a preview of what was sent to your lock screen. It can be enabled and disabled. Go to settings > Notifications > toggle of Show Preview.

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