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7 Hints on how to study better than your classmates



Hints on how to study better than your classmates shall be discussed in this article. These hints will help you perform better in any academic environment.

Hints on how study better than your classmates

7 Hints on How to Study Better Than Your Classmates

To study and perform better than your classmates while in school you will need to try out this tips. It will yield an effective performances and excellent results.

While you resume to school, attend classes, write notes, create your own study schedule. Make sure you  review it often and get some sleep. These are some of what you need to adapt to. Keep doing them until you see a positive changes while doing them. Tips like these will always certainly be effective in helping you reach your goals. It will drive you beyond 98% of your classmates. Some other amazing tips will also be revealed for you to try on.

1. Form Your Own Notes By Combining Various Sources Of Information

Outstanding students are known to make researches on what they have little or no knowledge about. You can look for good notes either form online, books, videos, and even from classmates. Use this notes to prepare yourself against the school challenges on the courses you have registered for. This kind of approach can be outstanding and successful. Try and combine some textbooks, video lectures and presentations to make this a very effective idea. This will help you to create your own study materials. Make sure your study materials are well updated (adding more and more notes to it). This will improve you and deepen your knowledge and understanding about the rightful information you will be in need of.

2. Access And Gauge Your Progress Starting From The Day One

When you are taught things through the lectures you attended, write good notes on them and take proper care of the notes you write. Read them when you get home to simply refresh your memory on what you have just being taught in school.

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Participate in quizzes to know how much you know about a subject or course. Create test environments and questions for yourself on the particular subject or course. Take small tests regularly from the beginning. Make the habits of getting tested and incorporate this in to your study routine. This will give a clearer idea of progress you have made so far and the areas you might need to brush up or research on. This idea will help you retain information for a long time, prepare you ahead of the real tests and exams as well as reducing your stress level.

While taking on the tests, take down your scores, monitor it and be optimistic about any outcome it brings for you. Meanwhile, if the scores are encouraging, don’t be complacent on the outcomes you are currently having.

3. Study With Emotional Intelligence

You might begin to ask yourself about what I meant by emotional intelligence. Yes, “emotional intelligence is relating your ability to stay motivated and cope with stressful situations at hand”. Averagely, most students possess academic intelligence, but an outstanding student possesses both emotional intelligence and academic intelligence. Students’ emotional quotient (EQ) is a better predictor of success than their intelligence quotient (IQ) as researched by the Stanford University. Performance over time depends on two things; the fixed mindset and the growth mindset

Fixed mindset students have the desire to look smart and therefore leading to a tendency to avoid challenges, give up easily, see efforts as worse or fruitless, and ignoring useful negative feedback (criticism) WHILE the growth mindset students have the desire to learn and therefore having a tendency to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see efforts as path of mastery and learn from criticism (negative feedback).

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Focus on learning instead of cramming and try not to look at study as just being part of examination preparation but look at study as part of learning. Focus on learning for better understanding and ability to recall information to make your improvements far better than others. Approach study as positive way to learning and gaining knowledge.

4. Study With Previous Past Questions

To study quite well and with full confidence in you, study the trend of the past question from the previous years. This will give you the full edge of performing better because the past question will serve as a guide to you on how questions are being set for the tests and examination. Try to research and find out on the lecturers that took the courses some years back before now and see how they set their questions individually. You will be as good as anything if your confidence is on the high.

5. Avoid Using Shortcuts

One great part of learning is to learn fully. (In-and-out, front-and-back, and by heart). Put your personal learning goals first and consult others for help. You can easily consult google (internet), your classmates, friends, to get answers to one or two exercises you have engaged in doing. Get results through efforts and cool dedications. Sometimes laziness may be attractive in appearance, but work gives better satisfactions.

6. Always Be Yourself

Don’t compare yourself with others. Know things/efforts that can offer you the best guarantees through yourself and not mainly through other people. The only comparison you can make with yourself and others is to gauge your performance while comparing to know where you will brush things up and improve on. Don’t pay total attention on what others are doing because they are focused on their own needs and goals. You create an undue pressure and hinder your motivation and creativity while you compare yourself to others. So don’t get affected negatively while trying to emulate others, rather find the emotional intelligence in you and turn things around for your own good course to achieving your goals.

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7. Have Better Communication With Others

Try to have collaborative efforts with other people (be it your classmates, teachers/lecturers, peer groups and anyone else who shows high interest). Grow a network of contacts with which you will get in contact to discuss relevant ideas and share great views together. Doing this will make people share variety of ideas that are very useful to pursuing your goals and improve on where you think you are learning. Everybody gains if ideas are shared and no one is left out to be at loss

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We have actually reach the end of article on “how to study better than your classmates”.

Did we miss a trick or two you use to study better?

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