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Best Ways to Promote Your Blog and Increase the Traffic



This article is about some best ways to promote your blog and increase the traffic. I have combine some useful ways of promoting your blog and increasing the traffic on it. I believe this tips are what you need to boost the traffic.

Best Ways to Promote Your Blog and Increase the Traffic

Best Ways to Promote Your Blog and Increase the Traffic

Before a blog could be promoted, it might take a long time. Also getting traffic to a blog may not happen overnight in which it needs a lot of tests and steps.

Read and enjoy this approaches I have put together to help boost the traffic on your blog.

  1. Publishing More Articles

Publishing more articles is one of the best and most effective ways of getting more traffic to your blog. A blogger must publish more articles and invite people to visit the site to read it. Publish more article about your niche will always increase the traffic on your blog. Increase your content frequency to 2 or 3 a week and you will start to notice a great increase in the traffic to your blog. Promote your blog and increase the traffic by publishing more articles.

  1. Publishing Larger Contents

Publish a relatively longer content. Make article contents to be up to 2,000 words count. It has shown in the previous researches that, Google and other search engines give priority to comprehensive articles. Writing in-depth and comprehensive articles leads to significant traffic on the long run. Promote your blog and increase the traffic by publishing a relatively longer content.

  1. Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines

Search engines are very powerful. Familiarize yourself with the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) and optimize your blog and the articles in it to rank well for relevant keywords in Google and other search engines. Below is a picture that shows the traffic to a blog in one month. Out of 582,000 visitors, 476,000 came from search engines(organic search). Search engines like Google is the most popular and the biggest of them all.

  1. Guest Blogging

Traffic can be generated on your site when you engage in guest blogging. Guest blogging is when you write article for other people’s blog. This is usually a blog that is more popular than your own blog. Write articles for them and be allowed to have a bio that includes a link to your guest post. This can be a big boost for traffic on your own blog. Promote your blog and increase the traffic by doing guest blogging.

  1. Create an Email List

Start an email list that can enable you to contact your readers personally so as to keep them informed of the posts that are coming next and guides for them on some interesting articles.

Email list can be a powerful tool towards increasing the traffic of your blog. Email is a significant medium to generate traffic because it keeps increasing and rarely decreases. Blog traffic fluctuates but you have the total access to a database of the people on your list and can always contact them through their email.

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Start to build up an email list. Reach out to your target audience directly. Purchase an email management tool and install the SumoMe plugin and use their email list building options including the scrollbar, pop up and Welcome Mat.

  1. Feature other bloggers in your articles and ask them to share your contents

Reach out to top bloggers or bloggers that write great articles. Feature them in your articles. Regularly link to other bloggers in your articles and send the email to let them know about your article. If you are lucky, many of them will actually share your articles which can result in lots of traffic for your blog.

Neil Patel, one of the top rated bloggers uses this approach to grow his blog. He usually link a lot of bloggers in his articles. His article usually contain 100 plus links and also reach out to those bloggers he linked to let them know he has linked them. Promote your blog and increase the traffic by featuring other bloggers.

  1. Publish a Resource Article

An effective way of boosting your blog’s traffic is to publish resource articles. Resource articles are significantly effective to boost traffic on your blog more than the average blog post. An article on Digital Current depicts that it is possible to get 100,000 views per resource article. It generates more views than ordinary post. The screenshot below shows the kind of traffic you can get form a single resource article.

  1. Comment On Other Blogs

A lot of traffic can be generated by dropping the right comment on a highly rated blog. Find and Interact with top blogs in your niche and start to interact with them by commenting on a regular basis. If you are noticed by the blogger and its community, you can have several opportunity come your way.

These kind of opportunity can be of help to boost the traffic of your blog. For example, you might be invited to guest blog on the blog which is an effective way of generating the traffic to your blog. Promote your blog and increase the traffic by making vital comments on other blogs.

  1. Share Your Articles To Social Media

Create social media profiles and share your latest blog posts on them. Interact with people on the social media you belong to and make a good relationship out of it. Focus on the top rated social media networks so as to get better chance of getting the traffic from them.

Post updates about your blog on the social media to reach out to people on the media. Make sure you constantly post updates and regularly recycle old articles on the social media. Post at least 2 or 3 times a week on each social media you belong to promote your blog and increase the traffic on your blog.

  1. Syndicate Your Blog Contents to Top Blogs
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Other blog platforms can be a perfect audience to get traffic to your blog. Identify the top blogs and make sure you get the necessary permission to publish and republish your contents on their site. You will be allowed to repost your contents if your blog content is good enough.

Find the sites that republish contents and see if they would like to republish your articles. Promote your blog and increase the traffic by syndicating your blog contents.

  1. Promote Your Blog on Top Forums in Your Niche

Forums can be a source of traffic to your site. A number of top forums in your niche have thousands of traffic day in day out. On this forums, you can simply start making meaningful contributions to what it is been discussed there. Be active and share great ideas with them when making popular discussions. Make sure you have a link to your blog in the forum signature, and this will increase your blog’s traffic by a convincing number.

  1. Include Social Media Buttons on Your Blog

Including social media buttons is just like a bonus. Make sure you include them in case readers visiting your site would have to share the contents with their friends and to other platforms they belong to. The more the people share the contents on your blog, the better because it is a means of convincing people to your site. This will explore more traffic to your site. Promote your blog and increase the traffic by including the social media buttons.

  1. Promote Your Blog on Facebook Groups

Approaching Facebook groups in the right way because they might treat your messages as spams. This can boost your chances to get more traffic to your blog. Don’t just post your links but also use catchy text images with good article contents to help convince people that you have a great thing to offer them.

  1. Promote Your Blog on LinkedIn Groups

Find top LinkedIn groups in your niche and submit your best articles to them frequently. Share your contents through your LinkedIn connections with people on the groups.

  1. Promote Your Blog on Pinterest

Pinterest is majorly about images which can be put in different categories so that it will be easy for people to find them and pin them and sometimes share. Pinterest offers an effective way of boosting your blog’s traffic. Make quality images that are very interesting and make sure you use irresistible headlines. This could be a source of traffic and in gradual processes, the traffic on your blog will be booted.

  1. Promote Your Blog on Twitter
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Let your Twitter followers know about your blog. Publish averagely 2 to 3 articles weekly and share it on the Twitter platform. You can also get attention of your followers by retweeting the old posts you have already posted. This will enable people who haven’t seen your posts earlier to see it.

Share old articles constantly to get to other followers involved too. Remember to use hash tags while posting articles to promote your blog and increase the traffic on it.

  1. Focus on Mobile Experience

Nowadays, the number of people who visit internet daily comes from mobile users and drastically, the desktop internet users has reduced. You can increase the traffic for your blog by using eye catching themes foryour blog that displays better on mobile gadgets. Optimize your blog for mobile users. This will in turn give you a traffic boost. Upgrade your blog to a better mobile experience for your readers.

  1. Keyword Research Strategy

Engage in keyword research before publishing articles on your blog. If you have new articles already written, you can include the keyword research strategy into the contents of the articles. This will surely boost the traffic to the blog of yours.

  1. Invite Other People to Guest Post on Your Blog

An active way of boosting your blog’s traffic is by inviting other writers to your blog. Invite them to write for you. More traffic will be on your blog if they share their guest posts with their readers. Guest blogging on other blogs is a significant way to get traffic and get your blog more exposed.

  1. Use Images in All Your Blog Posts

Articles with quality images are fancied by readers because it catches the eye. Publish articles on your blog with appealing image and this will make your blog more significant to readers and this will in turn increase the traffic to your blog. Promote your blog and increase the traffic by using quality images on your blog.

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