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Buying Guides to Cheap Smartphones for Black Friday In 2018



Buying Guides to Cheap Smartphones You Can Buy In This Black Friday in the United Kingdom In 2018

Cheap Smartphones

Here are some buying guides that are useful for you when you have decided to buy a new  cheap smartphone in the United Kingdom this Black Friday. These guides will save you the time to consider all properties or features to look at while buying a new smartphone. Some of them are, the RAM, display, battery life and its performance, camera, storage capacity, price, network capacity, operating system.

1. Price of Smartphone

The price at which every smartphone are being sold varies but the major concern is the pocket of the buyer. These cheap smartphones can be bought easily. The prices of the smartphones starts from £100 upwards. It now depends on the choice of the buyer to consider his/her pocket before he could buy any device he/she wishes to buy. A heavy pocket buyer may have enormous options to buy from in the price ranges while a light pocket buyer’s options are very limited ones. We would advise also that you buy SIM-free phones and avoid PAYG phones.

2. Storage Capacity

These cheap smartphones have a meaningful storage capacity. Sometimes you begin to ask yourself about “how much smartphone storage do I need”. You may need more storage than you think. This is because your phone will be filled up with apps, games, videos, pictures/photo, music, and some essential things you might need to keep on your device. 8GB storage is highly required as minimum storage of any device that will contain the listed things above in your device. The higher the storage device, the better. A 16GB, 32GB or 64GB makes more sense to look out for in the smartphone of preferred choice. Though the storage device can be expanded up to a particular level say 64GB through the use of microSD card slot.

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3. Network Capacity

Majorly smartphones support at least 2G but 3G, 4G enabled smartphones are preferable for fast mobile data speeds. These cheap smartphones have a encouraging storage capacity. Considering this depends on how much data you consume monthly. If not much, then 3G smartphones are sufficient especially when you have access to office Wi-Fi or any other source of Wi-Fi for faster downloading speeds. Otherwise go for a 4G enabled smartphones.

4. Operating System(OS)

One of the most important factor why we buy smartphones is the operating system it runs. Operating system of these cheap smartphones are vast and encouraging. You may now begin to ask yourself that which operating system you now need. There are different types of operating system as you are aware. For example, like the Apple’s iOS and Android’s OS. Apple’s iOS is a very expensive OS while Android’s own is affordable. Android is the most popular OS which covers larger percentage. With majority of phones having Android OS is an advantage to the user. But Android has wide range of different OS and some device might not be able to run the latest version of the Operating System.

We recommend that you to check the android version of the smartphone you are to buy. Any Android device less than Android 7 will not receive any updates and new features. One of the latest OS is Android 8. If you are looking for cheap smartphones, Apple is not an option but Android.

5. Battery Capacity and Performance

Sometimes cheap smartphones have slower processor but one can still be lucky to get one with quicker processor. Each smartphone battery are tested with video games where certain phones will still perform well with the battery built for each phones. A 3000mAh battery capacity smartphone can last for about 10hrs while one with 4000mAh and above will last for at least 15hrs which has be confirmed by the video rundown test.

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6. Smartphone Displays

These cheap smartphones have some astonishing displays. While you look for a cheap smartphone to buy to meet up with your budgets and pockets, one must consider the display of the phone. One can still find cheap smartphones with high quality displays. A minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 is highly recommended. For a FULL HD resolution displays, 1920 x 1080 can offer a good and sharp looking screen displays. Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays offers better colors. LCD panel technology are in some of the phones we recommend and they are as good for users.

7. Camera Displays

To enjoy digital life of smart phone cameras. A pixel perfect smartphone offers the users to capture good and clean photos as much as record videos with the smartphones of choice. Some of these cheap smartphones are having double rear cameras with one camera on the front. Majority of the smartphones we recommended have at least 8-Megapixel on the rear while on the front, they have at least 5-Megapixel.

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