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GLO Free browsing cheat using AnonyTun VPN September 2019



GLO Free browsing cheat using AnonyTun VPN September 2019

GLO free browsing cheat

latest glo cheat using AnonyTun app

Latest GLO free browsing cheat can help you surf the internet at no or low rate. The AnonyTun VPN app will be used to access this GLO Free browsing cheat.

Today, we are going to discuss the latest Glo free cheat. Here we use the AnonyTun VPN. This cheat works well and it is still working. Follow the steps am about to state here to configure the AnonyTun VPN.

What is AnonyTun VPN?

AnonyTun VPN tunnel is a free and fast VPN tunnel with unlimited servers. This AnonyTun VPN helps you to bypass ISPs limitations and restrictions. AnonyTun VPN was created to solve ISP problems encountered with the network.

Requirement for this GLO Free browsing cheat

  1. A new/existing GLO 3G sim card (not a 4G sim)
  2. 00k airtime amount
  3. The AnonyTun VPN tunnel app (from Google Playstore)
  4. APN (Gloflat)
  5. Activation/configuration codes.
  • How to configure or activate the AnonyTun VPN tunnel

  1. Download the AnonyTun VPN tunnel from Playstore.
  • Click on the “Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF” to enable it.
  • On the “connection protocol” choose HTTP
  • On Connection port, input 80/443
  1. Click on EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADERS and fill in the following codes.
  • URL/Host:
  • Requested method: POST
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Tick or mark the following:
    • Online host
    • Keep-Alive
    • User-Agent
  1. Click the “GENERATE” button to save your settings.
  2. Choose any server of your choice and connect it. Doing this, AnonyTun VPN tunnel will connect without any problem.
NOTE: This GLO Free cheat can work only on GLO 3G sim cards. Enjoy the free browsing cheat while it lasts.

Don’t hesitate to drop us your comment and let’s know if it works for you.

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