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How to Get Pinterest Traffic Massively to Your Blog



How to Get Pinterest Traffic Massively to Your Blog

How to Get Pinterest Traffic Massively to Your Blog 2

Pinterest traffic can also be a boost for your blog traffic just like other social media traffics. Get massive Pinterest traffic to your blog and make more money.

Have you been looking for ways to get traffic that counts to your blog? Yes, you are in the right page for the right guide to do that. Get Pinterest traffic to your blog and boos your earnings. You can get massive Pinterest traffic daily to your blog from Pinterest. Stay calm and let us show you how to do it.

Are you ready? Yes, let’s get started already.

The Pinterest is one of the social media out there. Other notable social media are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. These social media are being used by over 200 billion of people per month. Without no exaggeration, the Pinterest is also a popular platform as the other.

Users of Pinterest uses what we call pin to communicate with one another. They check the latest updates of other people on Pinterest through the use of this pins. These pins are images or graphic designs to contains information about a particular topic which are linked to the publisher’s website.

To use Pinterest, you will need to create pins, upload on a board. This board must be created also on opening or signing up for Pinterest account. The pins created carries information that can be sent as a message to your followers. The Pinterest uses followers just like Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platforms.

If a Pinterest user finds a pin you have uploaded, then they can save the pin to any of their boards. The pins that are being saved can be seen and accessed by their followers. The more pins saved by Pinterest users, the more people on the Pinterest platform see it and access the information on the pins. Through that more are more people follow one another to see the updated pins of the people they are following.

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The Pinterest platform is better social media platform to get massive Pinterest traffic massively to your website or blog. Improve the traffic to your blog by using Pinterest account. Start pinning today and enjoy more of the benefits of Pinterest options that are awesome for your website.

Let us now move to the steps to Get Pinterest Traffic Massively to Your Blog.

Steps to Get Pinterest Traffic Massively to Your Blog

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Account

Get yourself a Pinterest account. Use to sign up using your email. After supplying the necessary information while trying to sign up, a verification will be sent to email account. You will be required to find and click on verification link from the mail sent to you.

After the verification is done, you can now login to your Pinterest account.

Step 2: Set Up Your Profile

This step tells you to supply your details like your name, Profile picture, About you, Location, and website URL. This information supplied represents you on the Pinterest platform. This is what people (your followers, people who follows you and people who are yet to start following you) on the platform will be seeing and use to recognize you.

Your profile makes people to find and connect with you easily through your brand (niche) on the Pinterest social media platform.

Step 3: Create Board

After you have set up your profile on Pinterest successfully, then try creating a board. Let us try to create a board. You will see a “+” symbol at the top right corner of the page. Are you there? Click on it. Pick create board. Name the board the type of pins you would love to save on the board. For example, you can name the board Pinterest traffic. Then, the pins inside this board will be Pinterest traffic pins.

This boards you create are just like usual folders on computers or phones with which you use to categorize your files for easy identification. Create as many boards as you like and get yourself familiar with how Pinterest work on that level.

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Step 4: Save the pins into created boards from similar boards

Search for pins and save them in your boards. To search for pins, you will see a search space located at the top of the page. Click on it. Make your search and save the pin to your preferred board similar to your search.

We recommend that you save pins from profiles that have huge monthly visits. This will in turn help you to boost your popularity, your followers, and your page views.

Step 5: Design Your Own Pins.

As we have already said that pins are like images or graphic designs. Designing your pins would be very useful here. For every posts you publish on your website or blog, you will have to design pins for them all. Let the pins designs carry the necessary information of the respective post. For example, the title of the post should be on the pin. People will recognize the pin through the information contained on it.

To design a pin, a knowledge of graphic design might be or might not be needed. Don panic if you don’t have the knowledge of graphic design. There is an alternative to doing that, you can make use of Also the canva app for mobile can be downloaded to ease the process. Download it and get started doing the designs for your pins.

Step 6: Add Your Pins

After you must have designed your pins, start adding them to your boards. You will see a “+” symbol at the top right corner of the page. Are you there? Click on it. Pick create pin. Select the designed image (the pin to add). Click next. Add the title of the pin, description of the pin (which is like a summary of the post for the pin) and the destination website (your website). The click next and select the preferred boards among the boards you have created. Then, you have successfully created a pin and added it to the board as well. You can also create new board through that and add the pin there, if you think the pin does not fit-in into the boards created so far.

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Step 7: Find Appropriate Profiles and Boards to Follow.

Search for similar profiles and boards to follow. Follow as many profile as possible. This will in turn get you across to some other profiles to follow. Meanwhile, they can follow you back and you gain more followers too.

Save pins, follow more related profiles and boards according to your niche and get more Pinterest traffic to your blog or website. When people save your pins, some of the users find themselves on your website (when they click go to website below the pin). Since you have added your website to every pin you add, then clicking and visiting your website increases the traffic to your website.

We recommend that you keep designing pins and add them to your boards as well. You can design more than one pin for a single article too. This will boost the exposure to such article.

Make the designing and adding of pins to boards your daily routine and don’t be lazy about it. This will in turn motivates those people visiting your website to do more visits as they save your pins and visit the website.

Doing this, you can get thousands of Pinterest traffic to your blog within few months.

We hope that you found this article useful.

Let us know how you get massive Pinterest traffic to your blog.

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