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How to Make Money Blogging



The most important goal of any blogger is to make money blogging. If you want to make money blogging, you will be amazed to hear this.

How to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

The amount of money to be made on blog is limitless. It depends on the efforts you put to publish great blog contents. This helps to drive traffic to your blog. It also helps to build better audience. You must meet your audience’s expectation and your own goals for the blog.

With these easy ways about to be listed, you can start making money from blog efforts.

1. Through Advertising Program

Joining an Advertising Program is one of the ways to make money blogging. There are many advertising programs available for bloggers to join. Google AdSense offers one of the most popular advertising programs to join. It is free to join. It is also easy to join too. This Google AdSense offers variety of pay-per-click text, displays, and video advertisement for bloggers. Pay-per-click as the name sounds offers the blogger to be paid each time someone clicks on the advertiser’s ads. They also offer pay-per-impression in which the advertiser pays the blogger each time the ads appear on the blog pages. There is also pay-per-action which advertisers pay the blogger each time someone clicks on the ad and performs an action such as making a purchase.

2. Through an Affiliate Advertising Network

Joining an affiliate advertising network is one of the ways to make money blogging. It is easier for small blogs to join. If also offers you to have many networks to choose from. Through this, high commission is averagely possible to get. There are a lot of affiliate advertising networks out there who links online advertisers with bloggers (publishers) who write on relevant topics or niches.

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You can try commission junction which is a popular affiliate advertising network. It brings advertisers and bloggers (online publishers) with ads space to sell together. The blogger shows ads on your blog in exchange for commission which is paid when the visitors to your blog perform a specific action such as making a purchase, filling out a form or performing a specific action on your blog. Joining any of them can make you have a decent income while you make money blogging through their advertising program.

If your application to the commission junction is accepted, advertisers within the network might seek you out to join their own individual affiliate programs within the commission junction network. Their website is easy to navigate, help is available to those who need it and the payments are reliable.

They offer variety of type of ads such as text link ads image ads and so on. Everything that is good has its own disadvantage. It can be somehow difficult to get accepted into the affiliate program since they attract a lot of big advertisers.

3. Through an Affiliate Advertising Program

Make money blogging while you join up an affiliate advertising program of your choice. There are variety of affiliate opportunities and high potentials to earn commissions. You will need to sign up to any company that offers the affiliate advertising program to become an affiliate. This will help earn money selling their products for them. Is this not a good way to make money blogging? Yes, it is. They pay you through commissions on sales of products through your blog. Luckily, you can earn more through this than the normal click-based earning methods. A good example of affiliate program to join is that of the Amazon Associates because it is easy to use and they can be trusted.

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4. Sell Your Own Ad Space Directly to Advertisers

As a blogger, you can attempt to sell your own ad space directly to advertisers. But this is not done unless your blog is established around a sizeable audience. To manage and make money blogging while selling ad space can be very difficult but can attract high income. It is easy for popular blogs though. It is difficult to find interested buyers. BuySellAds can link bloggers with online advertisers to make the selling of ad space easier.

5. Become a Professional Blogger

One of the ways to make money blogging is to improve yourself as a blogger. You will need to have a good writing skills to become a professional blogger. Likewise, you will surely need a lot of time doing that. This can be a means of earning a full time income. Many sites pay professional bloggers based on the kind of experience they have as blogger. Project will be given when you applied for them and you will finish it up within the stipulated time. If it is done very well, you will be paid and it will earn you a chance to be summoned when similar job is available. Some sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and soon needs professionals to handle projects. You can make thousands of dollars as a professional blogger.


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