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How to set up Google AdSense account and earn from it.



Start a new account with Google AdSense, display some ads and earn money from Google. Take this simple and useful steps to earn income from Google through display of ads on your blog.

Earn Money from Google AdSense

How to set up Google AdSense account and earn from it.

Use your personal blog to earn money from Google.

Setting up a Google AdSense Account

Here is how to open a Google AdSense account after you have set up your blog and running it. Visit and take the following steps to sign up.

Step 1: Read the Google AdSense Program Policies

After visiting the Google AdSense site, navigate around and find the Google AdSense Program Policies. These policies are the dos and don’ts of the company. This tells what you can do and cannot do as part of the Google AdSense Program to ensure that you are prepared to start your new account.

Step 2: Navigate Through the home page and Find the “Sign Up Now”

Click on the “Sign Up Now” button. Enter your Google account login details/information or select your account from those listed.

Step 3: Complete the Online Application

You will have to provide your blog’s URL. The URL for example can be in the form

On the application, provide your blog’s URL and answer a question related to whether you want customized help and performance suggestions program regarding the Google AdSense program.

Enter country of choice and confirm that you have read the Google’s terms and Conditions

Click on “Create Account” when it is being prompted. You will also supply payment information to receive the income made on the blog through Google.

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Step 4: Access Your New Account and Receive the Ads available to you.

There are numerous advertising options provided by Google AdSense. Bloggers can choose from any of the options available like the text ads, image ads and many more. Select the ones which you think would be suitable for your blog. Through the ads you will earn from Google when people click it or when they make purchases through it.

Step 5: Select Ads Design of Your Choice

From the step 4 above, you must have decided which ad opportunity are best for your blog. Once you have decided which ad opportunities are best for your blog, select them. Google will provide a snippet of HTML code to you after making your selection. Know the kind of ads design you select because Google AdSense will pay you through that.

Step 6: Insert the Google AdSense HTML Code into Your Blog

copy and paste the html code sent to you by Google into your blog’s template. As a beginner, one of the best ways to do this is to insert the text widget into the blog template and pasting the code into the widget. This will be very easy to do, if you can get it right.

Step 7: Google will do the rest

It may take few hours or a few days for Google to start serving the ads on your blog. Google searches your blog to determine the predominant subjects of each pages. The HTML code you copied and pasted on the widget in your blog activates and relevant ads are displayed based on the page’s content, when the readers visits your blog. You can also login to your Google AdSense account and monitor your earnings.

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Step 8: Collect your money

Google AdSense pays through the clicks. This is the number of time readers on your blog click on the ads. This payment method is called pay-per-click method. Large income might not be generated through these clicks. You are there for advised to find other ways of monetizing your blog. Get the Google AdSense approval for your WordPress blog.

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