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iPhone XR Review – Features of The iPhone XR



iPhone XR is an Apple smartphone that has a great battery life. It can be bought for a lower price compared to iPhone XS.

iPhone XR Review

iPhone XRThis iPhone XR has a fantastic performance and a very capable camera for taking pictures, shoot videos and take selfie. One of the disadvantages of this phone is that there is no fast charger included with its pack.

iPhone XR come possesses  LCD with a 1792 x 828 and notch. It also have the Face ID as iPhone XS. It has a 12 megapixel camera with portrait mode. The iPhone XR costs around £749. iPhone XR is a very fast phone with A12 Bionic chipset.

It is one of 2018 phones that Apple manufactured. It takes inspiration from iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with some exemptions. There is only one camera at the rear of the phone. The stainless steel rim has been replaced with the aluminium and LCD replaces the OLED as the tech used in the screen.

Apple iPhone XR has been released and can be bought from Apple itself or any other retailers. It is also available directly from Apple through Amazon.

1. iPhone XR Prices

The iPhone XR has a starting price of £749 for 64GB smartphone model while the 128GB model can cost up to £799. Also, the 256GB version costs £899. Colours available are red, yellow, blue, white and black. Any desired colour can be picked up with any model at same price. Colour doesn’t determine the prices of any iPhone you wish to buy.

2. iPhone XR Design

iPhone XR have aluminium brand. There is glass on both the front and the back. It can be submerged in a variety of liquids for up to 30 minutes. It doesn’t possess the headphone jack and the 3.5mm dongle. There is a thicker bezel surrounding the display of the edge to edge look.

You can pick up the iPhone XR with variety of colours available to pick from. This is an interesting package from the Apple. The range of colours is great and there is not one that is ugly in appearance.

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3. iPhone XR Performance

iPhone XR is powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic system on chip. It is paired with 3GB of RAM. Apple’s A12 Bionic is also used on the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max which all possess a 4GB RAM. A12 Bionic is a 7nm chip that allows a greater number of transistors to be packed inside the silicone. This makes the A12 Bionic to be more efficient. The new chip offers a 15% faster CPU and a 50% faster GPU as compared to the A11 Bionic with 10nm chip. This improvement on the chip aids the snappier Face ID.

Apps open instantly and there is no problem with multitasking. Also apps crashes are very rare to come by. The A12 Bionic should also allow the iPhone XR to stay fast for multiple years. iPhone XR is a good device for the mobile gamers because it offers plenty of power and wide range of excellent games available on the App store.

It operates on a Face ID detection which can be used for unlocking. It has worked on previous iPhones and it is also working perfectly on the iPhone XR. Face ID cannot be fooled by a photo and it learns your appearance over time. It recognizes the owner of the phone with or without glasses. Even if you get a haircut or have off a beard, it comfortably recognizes you.

The speakers are louder and clearer than those of the previous iPhones. This gives you a more balanced sound that isn’t dominated in an area. The call quality and the wireless display is also astonishing. Stronger and faster internet is achievable especially on Three’s Wi-Fi network.

4. iPhone XR Software

iPhone XR runs on the iOS 12. This iOS 12 can now be upgraded to iOS 12.1. WITH iOS 12, the focus is on reliability and stability on devices. You can swipe up the screen to access the standard gridded view of your apps. Swipe left and have access to the total view; a space for widget to sit. An already iPhone or iPad user will be familiar with this.

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There are so many performance improvements that you may want to look at. iOS added so couple of features. The screen time is a new area in the setting panel which gives you the control over how long you spend looking at your phone. You can also restrict app use for a certain time.

iOS 12.1 adds in dual-sim support. This depends on your network provider. Through the Face ID system, we have Animoji and Memoji on the iPhone XR. These emojis can blend your facial animations with some various characters. Your main interaction with the iPhone XR is the use of gestures. This is due to the lack of the home button.

To go to the Home Screen, swipe up from the bottom. For notifications, you can pull down from the top left of the iPhone XR. For the control center, you can pull down from the right. Get yourself adapted to what the gestures on iPhone XR can offer and find it easy to operate the device.

5. iPhone XR Camera

On the rear side of the iPhone XR, there is a single optically stabilized wide angle 12 megapixel f/1.8 camera jutting out slightly from the glass. There is no secondary telephoto camera on the iPhone XR. This secondary telephoto camera is fully available on the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. With iPhone XR missing this exclusive feature, that means that you can no longer optically zoom and jump to ‘2x’. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR handles the portrait mode shots differently.

All portrait magic is done with a single lens and software to blur the background on iPhone XR. Unlike on iPhone XS, while taking a portrait picture, the camera will create a depth map. This separates the subject from the background. Additionally, you can zoom in slightly to give a professional portrait look without forcing you right up into someone’s face.

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The 12 megapixel f/1.8 camera is working with the Smart HDR features. The Smart HDR uses computational knowledge to change contrast, white balance and other vital settings while taking pictures. This gives better results from the pictures taken. Smart HDR provides a very nice photo across a various scenarios.

On the front side of the iPhone XR, there is a 7 megapixel f/2.2 camera. With iOS 12.1, the camera can take flawless selfies. On iPhone XR video recording is achievable. The camera can shoot 4K in 24fps, 30fps or 60fps along with 1080p in either 30fps or 60fps for slow motion action. Through wider stereo and support, you can record sound in stereo and able to play it back.

6. iPhone XR Battery Life

The iphone XR battery has the capacity of 2942mAh. It has a bigger capacity than the iPhone X and iPhone XS with 2716mAh and 2658mAh respectively. The iPhone XR battery capacity is smaller when compared to the iPhone XS Max with 3174mAh.

With iPhone XR, you can enjoy great battery life. iPhone XR is one of the comfortable and long lasting Iphone in 2018. iPhone XR lacks fast charging. It comes with a 5W plug. If you want to enable fast charging, you will have to get a lightning cable to do that. With the lack of fast charging, charging time may reach up to 3 hours before the battery could be fully charged.

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