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Samsung Galaxy Fold – Samsung’s Phone-Tablet Hybrid



Galaxy Fold is a unique but very expensive smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Fold is surely an eye catching new device which is launched alongside the Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Samsung’s Phone-Tablet Hybrid

I would like to talk about so many things about this newly launched Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung launched the device in San Francisco on Wednesday 20th February, 2019. This Samsung Galaxy Fold has already caught the attention of majority due to that it is the first foldable phone to be unveiled.

1. Samsung Galaxy Fold – Price and Release Date

Galaxy Fold is coming to UK on May 3rd with the prices starting at €2000 or £1800 or $1980. Samsung says there will be two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Fold: a 5G model and a LTE model. The phone-tablet hybrid will be available in Cosmos Black, Astro Blue, Space Silver, and Martian Green color schemes.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Samsung Galaxy Fold will sell with AT&T and T-Mobile starting April 26. The 4G LTE and 5G versions will also be available in the US too.

At $1980, the Phone costs twice the starting price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the iPhone XS.

2. Samsung Galaxy Fold – Design and Display

Galaxy Fold possesses two screens: First being a 4.6-inch screen with HD+ Super AMOLED outer display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and second screen is a 7.3-inch QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED inner Infinity FLEX display with a 4.2:3 aspect ratio. The two screens feature the usual round corners of major Samsung phones.


The Infinity Flex display is an ultrathin polymer which uses a new adhesive in which Samsung developed themselves to laminate the phone’s many display layers. This technological display helps the phone to be foldable so many times.

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galaxy fold display

Galaxy Fold can be opened up like a book. When the phone is closed, it looks like two phones are stuck together. The two sides of the Fold are joined together by a hinge with multiple interlocking gears hidden under the screen.

Samsung-Galaxy-Fold open like a book

Samsung has named the process by which you access the apps using the outer layer and then picking up from where you left off on the inner layer as the App Continuity. Meanwhile, you can use the inner display to open three apps at a time.

3. Samsung Galaxy Fold – Software

Galaxy Fold runs on the Android Pie with the new Samsung One UI interface on top. Back in November 2018, Samsung  announced Google’s specific support foldable Android devices.

Samsung-Galaxy-Fold software

The apps opened on the outer 4.6-inch display moves to the inner 7.3 inch display instantly for continuity of operations. The Samsung Galaxy Fold gives you up to three active windows at full screen. Galaxy Fold runs a special version of Android Pie that is revealed by Samsung in November.

4. Samsung Galaxy Fold – Specs, Camera and Features

Galaxy Fold has 7nm 64-bit octa –core processor with Snapdragon 855 and a large 12GB of RAM. It also has 512GB internal storage. There are two batteries inside the Samsung Galaxy Fold: one on each side that will work together as one. The total battery capacity of the phone is 4380mAh.

Galaxy Fold has the wireless Power share which can be used to charge another device. The device to be charged will possess the Qi charging system in other for the power share to be effective.

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galaxy fold wireless powershare

Samsung Galaxy Fold is having a staggering six (6) cameras. On the rear side of the phone, there is a 16MP f/2.2 ultra-wide camera, a 12MP wide angle camera and a 12MP telephoto sensor: on the inside is a 10MP f/2.2 camera and 8MP f/1.9 RGB depth camera; on the front sits a 10MP f/2.2 sensor.

galaxy fold camera

Galaxy Fold is created for those that want to experience what a premium foldable device can do, beyond the limitations of the traditional smartphones. It is not a phone for everyone as its comes with a huge price tag.

Wave of Next Generation

Foldable phones are the wave of the next generation. The Samsung may have been the first major brand to announce a foldable phone. Xiaomi, Huawei, Alcatel Apple and Motorola are likely to be in competition to produce something better of the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Samsung’s Phone-Tablet Hybrid

Foldable phones may become an inevitable part of the smartphone landscape 2019 and beyond. The Galaxy Fold by Samsung is the first solid step in that direction. Upgrades can be done to make the flaws of the phone perfect, if there is any.

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